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Three Doctrines Of Honor

As a marketing or business professional, you have more than likely come across numerous situations where you felt you were doing something “wrong,” and the fact is, you were (and probably still are). Thus, the Three Doctrines Of Honor have been developed for your review.

Doctrine 1

Disadvantage As Advantage
(“Thou Shalt Not Take Advantage!”)

Doctrine 2

Only Profit On Wants
(“Never Profit On Essential Needs”)

Doctrine 3

Uselessness As Useless
(“Profit On Actual Assets You Possess”)

Why Pros Need This

We are all a part of this world, and as pros in the marketing realm, it is imperative to function with ethics and morals. Of course, they did not teach you in school, so allow me to do that for you. If you want to be honest and rich at the same time, comply with these three simple rules!

Task One

First, download the resource.

Task Two

Second, write your reflections.

Task Three

Third, reread it in one year.

The Choice Is Yours

We never know how far the ripples of our actions will take us. As a marketing professional, you have been asked to make choices without thinking. This is a problem, as it abandons all hope for reasonability.
This resource is meant to guide you, and feel free to submit questions.

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