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Three Doctrines Of Honor

As a student, you may be here for a class project or an assignment, or merely to educate yourself in a manner you feel strongly about. So, would you like to know what they fail to teach you in your curriculums? Well, hang on, as it is about to get interesting!

Doctrine 1

Disadvantage As Advantage
(“Thou Shalt Not Take Advantage!”)

Doctrine 2

Only Profit On Wants
(“Never Profit On Essential Needs”)

Doctrine 3

Uselessness As Useless
(“Profit On Actual Assets You Possess”)

Why Students Need This

Students in marketing curriculums need to transcend the barrier between education and misinformation. This is a document that must be handled with care, valued by students in their efforts to do well in their careers later on, and to allow you to think: “Is this right or wrong?”

Task One

First, download the resource.

Task Two

Second, write your reflections.

Task Three

Third, reread it in one year.

The Choice Is Yours

We never know how far the ripples of our actions will take us. As a student in marketing, we are often asked to make choices without thinking. This is a common problem, as it abandons all hope for reasonability. This resource is meant to guide you.


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